@ The Black Box Theatre, 430 N. Main St.


Connections Virtual Art Exhibit

  • Rebecca Courtney Organ Mountain Winter Acrylic 40x30 $800.00
  • Jan Minow, Pleasing Pair Acrylic on Paper, 7-1/2" x 5-1/2" framed to 18" x 14-1/2", $125
  • Angelina Gaff, Strength and Duration, Tempera Paint, 20 x 16
  • Thalia Cisneros, Paradise, Tempera, 8x10
  • Beth Le Blanc, Safety Security Stable, Watercolor, 8x8
  • Margaret Bernstein, Winter, Then Spring, mixed media, 12 1/2 x 14 , $210.00
  • New Mexico Connection, Margaret Bernstein, Oil, 36 x 30, $900.
  • Margaret Bernstein, Him and Her, She and He Oil, 7 x 8 NFS
  • Marjorie Moeser, Shaft, digital painting, 15x12,. $150.
  • Marjorie Moeser, Moonglow, acrylic on canvas, 18x 28. $800.
  • Marjorie Moeser, Interstice, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20....... $700
  • Kris Karsteadt Let Me Help You on Your Way Digital photography $100
  • Marjorie Moeser, Fragments, acrylic on canvas, 16 x 20,.... $700.
  • Marjorie Moeser, Reflections, acrylic, 16 x 16... $700
  • SABA, Pueblo Funk Family, Oil Based Collagraph Print, $400
  • SABA RomeoNJuliet, Oil based Monotype, $600
  • June M. Decker, The Fall, 30Hx 40W, Acrylic, watercolor, collage 800.00
  • Joshua Taulbee, acrylic pour, Purple Dream, 24x12, $60
  • Joshua Taulbee, Astral, acrylic pour, 20x10, $50
  • Brenda Nevue, Time to Connect, Resin, acrylic, Size: 17x17, Price: $125
  • Kris Karsteadt, Together We Wait, Digital photography, $100
  • Kris Karsteadt, Afternoon Reflections, Digital photography, $100
  • Penny Duncklee, Peppers, Watercolor, 7x9"" (Frame: 11x14"), $150
  • Penny Duncklee, Forms From the Earth, Watercolor, 10.5x13" (Frame: 19.5x13.5"), $650.
  • Penny Duncklee, No Cellphone Needed, Watercolor, 10.5x14 (Frame: 18x21.5"), $300
  • Jan Minow, Kissy Fish, Acrylic on Paper, 7-3/8" x 5-3/8" framed to 18" x 14-1/2" , $125
  • Jan Minow, Echo, Acrylic on Paper, 5-1/2" x 7-7/8" framed to 18" x 14-1/2", $125

Feb 01-Feb 28, 2021


TheTheatreGallery's virtual art show supporting For Love of Arts Month and NSTC's streaming production of Connections: for love of love


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Our next streaming production is Connections Please see the event pages for details.

We are NOT using our normal ticketing system for these shows because they are free. However, copyright issues require that we control viewership by putting the videos on a password protected site. Anyone who wishes to see either or both shows should contact the theatre at nstcbbt@zianet.com for login credentials.

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