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NSTC Auditions

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The Rivals Audition

Auditions on Sunday, February 18, 2018 at 7p.m.
For the role of Mrs. Malaprop ONLY

Sunday, March 4, 2018 at 2p.m.
For all other roles



Captain Jack Absolute--Son of Sir Anthony, he is kind and decent but a hapless bachelor who tries to win Lydia Languish.

Mr. Faulkland--A friend of Jack. A romantic ditherer, endlessly worries about his lover, but also jealous of her.

Squire Bob Acres--A friend of Jack. "Fighting Bob" is wealthy, affable but naive and a cowardly country squire who aspires to be a gentleman. He is also in love with Lydia Languish.

Sir Lucius O'Trigger--Irish gentleman, Another suitor for Lydia Languish. He is a brash and forthright Irishman, much given to dueling and to picking fights. Does not know that Mrs Malaprop is pretending to be Lydia in letters.

Fag--A manservant. Cheeky and ambitious, and loyal to Captain Jack but has an eye out for his own future.

David--A manservant and coachman, he is loyal to Bob Acres and a friend to Fag.

Mrs Malaprop--Widowed aunt of Lydia Languish, secretly admires Sir Lucius. Thinks herself as a witty and erudite lady, but mangles the English language by using the wrong words. She is in denial about her own failings and hypocrisy.

Miss Lydia Languish--Niece of Mrs. Malaprop, is in love with Jack, but as he is disguised as fictional Ensign Beverley. A romantic girl whose head is so stuffed with the fantastic adventures of popular fiction that she cannot bear to marry anyone in her own class. She yearns for romance.

Miss Julia Melville--Cousin of Lydia Languish and is in love with Faulkland. Spirited young lady who loves but is exasperated by Faulkland. Confidant of Lydia and plots with her to outwit her aunt. Not afraid to speak her mind.

Lucy--A maid. Loyal to Lydia Languish. She makes a good living by acting as a go-between messenger. Crafty and scheming but loyal.

The role of Sir Anthony Absolute has been precast

Audition Details

Auditions will consist of cold readings from the script

A perusal script will be at the ASK HERE desk at Branigan Library >For further information contact the Director at: mwmail@zianet.com

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