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Lone Star/Laundry and Bourbon

By James McLure, Directed by Dale Pawley

  • (L to R) Ray (Tony Cordova) and Ray (Jeff Peckham)
  • (L to R) Hattie (Melissa Chambers) and Elizabeth (Marjorie Brouhard)
  • (L to R) Ray (Tony Cordova) and Ray (Jeff Peckham)
  • (L to R) Amy Lee (Kim Wollard), Elizabeth (Marjorie Brouhard) and Hattie (Melissa Chambers)
  • (L to R) Ray (Tony Cordova), Cletus (Corey Dlask) and Ray (Jeff Peckham)
  • (L to R) Hattie (Melissa Chambers), Elizabeth (Marjorie Brouhard) and Amy Lee (Kim Wollard)

Sep 24-Oct 10, 2010

FRI SEP 24, OCT 1,8| 8:00 PM
SAT SEP 25, OCT 2,9| 8:00 PM
SUN OCT 3,10| 2:30 PM
THU OCT 7 | 7:00 PM


Marriage, infidelity, post-traumatic stress disorder, game shows, religion, and classic cars are only a few of the subjects taking center stage when No Strings Theater Company presents "Laundry & Bourbon" and "Lone Star", a pair of one-act comedies written by award-winning playwright James McLure. The two plays, written as companion pieces, focus on a married couple in 1974 West Texas and the ways in which both husband and wife deal with his increasing discontent and restlessness following his return from Vietnam.

"Laundry & Bourbon" introduces us to Elizabeth Caulder, a strong-willed, longsuffering housewife who is trying to hold down the fort while her husband, Roy, takes off for days at a time, indulging in drunken sprees and extramarital affairs. She is joined by her best friend, the outspoken and brassy Hattie Dealing, as well as town gossip and country club member Amy Lee Fullernoy. Together, the three women bandy about the kind of rumors that thrive in small towns, becoming ever more intoxicated and forthcoming about everyone's secrets--including their own.

In "Lone Star", we meet Elizabeth's husband Roy, a Vietnam veteran who has had a difficult time adjusting to the changes that have taken place in his home town while he was at war. He now spends his nights in the alley behind Angel's Bar, reliving his glory days and staging mock battles with his younger brother, the sweet but slow-witted Ray. Their evening is interrupted, however, by the arrival of Cletis Fullernoy, who idolizes Roy but has come to give him some bad news. The fallout from Cletis' visit leads the two brothers into a confrontation, as long-hidden secrets are dredged up and Roy is forced to admit that things are never going to be the way they were.


Amy Lee
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