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Life x 3

by Yasmina Reza, translation by Christopher Hampton, directed by Ceil Herman

  • Left, L to R: Henri (Jason Godin) and Hubert (PJ Waggaman)
  • Right, L to R: Henri (Jason Godin) and Sonia (Indrani Rauth)
  • Left to Right: Hubert (PJ Waggaman), Henri (Jason Godin), Inez (Kathi-Jane) and Sonia (Indrani Rauth)
  • Left to Right: Henri (Jason Godin), Sonia (Indrani Rauth), Inez (Kathi-Jane) and Hubert (PJ Waggaman)
  • Left to Right: Inez (Kathi-Jane) and Sonia (Indrani Rauth)

Nov 20-Dec 06, 2009

FRI NOV 20,27 | 8:00 PM
SAT NOV 21,28 | 8:00 PM
SUN NOV 29, DEC 6 | 2:30 PM
THUR DEC 3 | 7:00 PM



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Three ways to enjoy a Black Box Theatre play
'Life x 3' is an interesting look into chance

- By Jenna Frosch , Las Cruces Bulletin

In life, there are things that can change perception in an instant - a remark, a false assumption, the tone of voice in which things are said - all things Ceil Herman used to describe the Black Box Theatre production of "Life x 3."

This French play, written by Yazmina Reza and directed by Herman, is a look into one couple's struggle to put their 6-year-old to bed, handle house guests who have arrived a day early and come up with enough snacks to satisfy their appetites. The rest, it seems, is a slip of the tongue or an abrupt ending to the conversation that takes the audience on a journey through three scenarios of the same events.

Likened by Herman to Gwyneth Paltrow's movie "Sliding Doors" in which Paltrow's life is shown in two ways as a result of one action - getting onto a train in time or allowing the doors to close - "Life x 3" is a unique depiction. Shorter than most plays, the dialogue is not lost and the cast does a great job at their lines in such difficult roles - since much of it is the same, but with a slight twist of tone or meaning.

Henri (Jason Godin) has invited his mentor Hubert Finidori (P.J. Waggaman) to dinner with his wife Inez (Kathi-Jane). Sonia (Indrani Rauth) and Henri are trying to put their 6-year-old down to sleep when they discover their company has arrived at their apartment on the wrong evening. Hubert and Henri talk business in all three scenarios - that a competing study has been published before he was able to submit his academic findings related to astrophysics - but each time, Henri's reaction differs.

Godin gives Henri the sense of desperation needed after hearing the news, as well as varying degrees of anger and elation, without a hitch.

Godin has recently moved back to Las Cruces from Albuquerque and has returned to the Black Box stage, where his last performance in "The Heidi Chronicles" took place.

There's a good chemistry between he and his on-stage wife played by Rauth, who is phenomenal in her role, as we've seen from her before in "Steel Magnolias," "Baby with the Bathwater" and "Almost, Maine." Her goal to turn acting into a professional career may not be that far off if her performances continue to be this strong. She can change her persona at the drop of a hat - which was essential in this situational play.

Kathi-Jane has been seen as Eliza Gant in the Las Cruces Community Theatre's production of "Look Homeward, Angel" and "What I Did Last Summer." She's a breath of fresh air on the stage, taking on the role of the wronged wife or the drunk in this performance, and doing so without so much as the bat of an eye.
Waggaman, however, is in a league of his own - and watching the delivery of his lines is a fun way to spend an evening. He has appeared in 10 major films, as well as in "Look Homeward, Angel," "We Are Enron" and "The Wizard of Oz" at the University of Texas at El Paso Dinner Theatre.

"Life x 3" is a look at the ways in which life can take a turn for the worse or the better - and in many parts, is a hilarious look at the dynamics of a relationship. The Black Box Theatre has produced this worthwhile play just in time for family to visit - take them to see this one.


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