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Stop Kiss

By Diana Son, directed by Brenda Walker

  • Carrie Hamblen (Mrs. Winsley) and Paule Simms (Detective Cole)
  • Rachel Space (Sara) and Mike Dick (Peter)
  • L to R: Brandon Brown (George), Tania Balderas (Callie) and Rachel Space (Sara)
  • L to R: Tania Balderas (Callie), Rachel Space (Sara), Kathryn Horan (Nurse)
  • L to R: Tania Balderas (Callie) and Rachel Space (Sara)

Apr 22-May 01, 2005

FRI APR 22,29 | 8:00 PM
SAT APR 23,30 | 8:00 PM
SUN APR 24, MAY 1 | 2:30 PM
THUR APR 28 | 8:00 PM


No Strings Theatre Company presents a play written by Diana Son, directed by Brenda Walker, that deals with the ways in which two women's lives change. Contains adult language and is for mature audiences.


Detective Cole
Mrs. Winsley
Assistant Stage Manager
Costume Design
House Manager Coordinator
Light Board Operator
Lighting Design
Scenic & Sound Design
Sound Board Operator
Stage Manager
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THEATER: Opposites attract in 'Stop Kiss'
- By Patricia L. Garcia, SunLife

The Killers' Brandon Flowers sings on "Mr. Brightside," "It was only a kiss. How did it end up like this?" That's what audiences may wonder as the past and its aftermath collide in "Stop Kiss," a story of two women who happen to meet through friends in New York City.

There's Callie (Tania Balderas), a streetwise New York transplant. She's lived in the same rundown apartment for years. She simply leaves her apartment at the same time every day rather than deal with her noisy upstairs neighbor.

Then there's Sara (Rachel Space), a native Midwest teacher who's moved to New York to teach at a Bronx elementary school. As soon as she arrives at Callie's door, she is quickly quizzed about why she would want to teach in such a dangerous place.

But, Sara, maybe a little naive to some people, has no reservations or fears about the big city. She'll speak her mind (just like any native New Yorker) at the drop of a hat, carrying with her an assertiveness not expected from a Midwesterner.

The two seem to be complete opposites at first, but soon find themselves getting along nicely, hanging out more than once a week. What follows is the beginning of a great friendship - and much more. It's the moment, though, when Callie and Sara share a kiss that defines their relationship - past and present.

"Stop Kiss" is not only an interesting look at love and relationships, it progresses in a non-traditional way, showing the events that lead up to the fateful kiss and what happens to the women after that significant moment.

"Stop Kiss," directed by Brenda Walker, is a hit and with a great cast of local theater veterans, the play is both believable and entertaining.


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