@ The Black Box Theatre, 430 N. Main St.

Company of Wayward Saints

by George Herman, directed by Art Haggerton

  • Lior Lapid (Harlequin) and Sharz Weeks (Scapino)
  • Megan McQueen (Colombine) and D.W. Sarabia (Pantalone)
  • Sean Escalante (Capitano) and Lior Lapid (Harlequin)
  • Art Haggerton (Dottore), Josh Tafoya (Tristano) and D.W. Sarabia (Pantalone)
  • Lynn Winters (Ruffiana) and Sharz Weeks (Scapino)
  • Josh Tafoya (Tristano) and Lauren Brenner (Isabella)

Dec 03-Dec 19, 2004

FRI DEC 3,10,17 | 8:00PM
SAT DEC 4,11,18 | 8:00PM
SUN DEC 12,19 | 2:30PM
THUR DEC 16 | 7:00PM



Capitano (the Warrior)
Colombine (the
Dottore (the Learned)
Harlequin (the Manager)
Isabella (the Sweetheart)
Pantalone (the Old Man)
Ruffiana (the Tart)
Scapino (the Acrobat)
Tristano (the Lover)
House Manager Coordinator
Prop & Costume Design
Set And Lighting Designer
Set Construction/Scenic Artist
Sound & Light Board Operator
Stage Manager
Written By


Company of passionate performers
- By Patricia L. Garcia, Las Cruces Sun News [ PAGE 4C Friday, Dec. 3,2004 ]

There are times when you lose your passion. It might be the routine. It might be the hard work that comes with it. It might simply be that you forgot what your passion was all about and, in essence, what you are all about.

But there's a moment when the fire is lit again and the whole pureness and simplicity of your passion comes back - and so does the real you.

Such is explored in the comedy "A Company of Wayward Saints," opening tonight at the Black Box Theatre. The play runs through Dec. 19.

Led by Harlequin (the ringmaster, played by Lior Lapid), a band of traveling - and broke - actors struggles to get hack home. To get to their destination, the actors must band together to entertain a wealthy nobleman who is willing to pay their way home.

Of course, there is a catch. The improvisational group, known as "La Compagnie de Santi Ostinati," or a company of wayward saints, must perform the story of man.
"Impossible!" they all exclaim. Where do they start? What ensues is a pretty good example of the history of man: petty fighting, arguments and jealousy. It seems the actors no longer have a passion for acting or with working with each other.

Sharp-tongued Columbine (Megan McQueen) always nags at her husband, Harlequin, asking him what other woman he has been spending his time with.
Isabella (Lauren Brenner), known as one of the actors who portrays a lover, is more of a cynical realist who doesn't seem so loving after all and always seems to rain on her lover's bright outlook.

The actors learn they simply cannot work together and give up, only to realize that the only way they will get home - and find their passion again - is to band together.
With a very simple set - yet at times it can get crowded with eight actors - of a platform that resembles a chuckwagon with no cover, a table and two medium-sized chests, the group manages to bring to life an oftentimes hilarious and sometimes serious play.

Art Haggerton pulls double duty in "Saints" as both director and actor, having to fill in last minute as Dottore (the Learned). He does a fabulous job, considering he's only had the part for a week.

"I don't really like being on stage, but this is a wonderful cast to work with." he said.

"Sometimes doing both can be confusing because as an actor, you don't see the whole picture," he added.

The play, though filled with nine characters. is well performed, especially with Lapid's strong acting and one of the best theatrical falls I've ever seen, making me wince a little and McQueen's perfect execution of Columbines scathing and hilarious remarks.

Lynn Winters also brings a great comedic performance to Ruffiana. who is more seductress than actress until she remembers what it's like to be an adolescent in Mississippi.

Oftentimes, the play has many elements happening at once. which can he overwhelming in any other instance, but not in "Saints." That's evident when only one or two actors are telling a story, while the rest sit in the background listening to the story. The actors in Saints do a good job of skipping those fake "uhhuh" nods that often happen when one must pretend they are paying attention.

"A Company of Wayward Saints" is, in itself, a brief history of man. There's frustration and anger.

But there's also tenderness and hope - which is always a sure way to help someone feel at home in their own skin.


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