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Cinderella Waltz

By Don Nigro, directed by Ceil Herman

  • (L to R) Orlando Arellano as Troll and Fae Milner as Rosey Snow
  • (L to R) Fae Milner as Rosey Snow and Kathryn Horan as Regan
  • (L to R) Orlando Arellano as Troll and Shaun Hadfeild as Prince Alfred
  • (L to R) Fae Milner as Rosey Snow, Wynn e Broms as Mother McGee and Josh Tafoya as Zed
  • (L to R) Joey Georges as Mr. Snow and Fae Milner as Rosey Snow
  • (L to R) Kathryn Horan as Regan, Jenna Guitar as Goneril, Kathryn Kelly as Mrs. Snow and Orlando Arellano as Troll

Jul 09-Jul 25, 2004

FRI JUL 9,16,23 | 8:00
SAT JUL 10,17,24 | 8:00 PM
SUN JUL 11,17,25 | 2:30 PM
THUR JUL 22 | 7:00 PM



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Mrs. Snow
Rosey Snow
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Cinderella Waltz with a zany, modern-day twist
- By Adrian Gomez, SunLife

Rosey Snow is a vision of purity - fair-skinned., well-mannered and cordial. There's only one flaw she has she's a step-sister.

One can only tell where this story line will go and that's into fairytale land. But it�s the trip to Cinderville that�s worth it.

The Black Box Theatre's latest play "Cinderella Waltz" takes the timeless story of Cinderella, yet they put a little twist on it with laughter, one-liners and a great ending.

Rosey Snow, played by Fae Milner, brings a special innocence and naivity to the play Snow is left to her step-family and blames her mother's death for everything she goes through, but later realizes she can change things.

In other Cinderella adaptations, the step family is truly harsh, but in "Cinderella Waltz" the step-family seems to be bothered more by the step-mother, Mrs. Snow, played by Kathryn Kelly. Mrs. Snow has all the makings of an unliked person overbearing, pushy and just plain loud. But Kelly brings a southern charm to the character, which at times, contradicts the personality, but gives a human element of wanting your children to succeed.

The set was very a la 'mobile home park' and couldn't help but compare the setting and characters to the lovable characters on the television show "Roseanne."

You had Mrs. Snow, who is pushy, just like the lead character. Mr. Snow, played by Joey Georges didn't have a clue; Goneril, played by Jenna Guitar, was the epitome of teenage angst; and Regan, played by Kathryn Horan loved boys.

The family dynamics were unconventional, but the chemistry worked.

As the Prince, played by Shaun Hadfield, looked for a wife with his sidekick Troll, played by Orlando Arellano, we get to learn about Zed, played by Josh Tafoya, who brings in the "misunderstood nice guy" element.

Zed, often called the town fool,shows that he is no fool. He befriends Rosey and shows her how to dance, so she can attend the ball in the entire get up - Pump-kin and all.

As the play progressed to the ball, Mother Magee, played by Wynne Broms, makes her appearance and steals the show.

Magee has seen it all - stepdaughters finding their prince and living happily ever after. But Rosey is different.

She explains the protocol to Rosey with some of the best live comedy performed on stage. Somehow Broms channeled a little bit of Lily Tomlin into the character and it paid off.
In the scheme of things. 'Cinderella,' ahem, Rosey gets the guy who's perfect for her and indeed 'waltzes' her way to happiness.


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