@ The Black Box Theatre, 430 N. Main St.

The Majestic Kid - Streaming

By Mark Medoff
Directed by Ceil Herman

Nov 06-Nov 30, 2020

FRI November 6, 13, 20, 27| from 7:00 PM for 24 hours
SAT November 7, 14, 21 28 | from 7:00 PM for 24 hours
SUN November 29 | from 7:00 PM for 24 hours

If you wish to view the show on a Sunday afternoon, choose a Saturday performance which will be available until Sunday at 7:00 pm


A highly imaginative and skillfully constructed fantasy which follows the trials and tribulations of two young social activists as they confront the destructive greed and rampant commercialism that threaten to subvert the Old West of romantic legend into an ugly parody of "progress and prosperity."


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Black Box Theatre's 'The Majestic Kid': Stream it; you'll love it
- By Mike Cook, Las Cruces Bulletin

Streaming No String Theatre Company's (Black Box Theatre) current production of "The Majestic Kid," my heart ached because I miss Mark Medoff and because I want so badly to be back in a theatre seat, surrounded by other people in a full house watching live theatre. But, mostly, I enjoyed the show.

This talented cast and crew understand the single most important rule of good theatre: No matter what the challenges or difficulties you face, find a way to entertain your audience.

Can't do a live show because of a pandemic? Keep your actors a safe distance apart as much as you can, use some clever lighting, simple but effective sets and costumes and let the actors stand and tell the excellent story created by Medoff and first produced at New Mexico State University just a year after "Children of a Lesser God" won three Tony awards on Broadway.

The script and the story have aged like a fine wine over 40 years, with classic lines like: "The hero never bites anybody." "You don't share the load, partner, you carry it alone." "The code of the West. What West are you talking about?" "Stop talking about cowboy movies. This is my real life." "I am not the sidekick." "I want to be someone who helps people without hurting other people." "I don't know if I want to live in a world where the good guys and the the bad guys are the same guys." (One advantage of reviewing via streaming is that you can stop, rewind and write down a whole quote you would never have been able to remember.)

This is a simple story of good vs. evil, East vs. West, murder, gunplay, death threats, friendship, growing up and finding true love.

Idealists Aaron Weiss (Luz Resendez) and AJ Pollard (Rachel Thomas Chappell) fight for the Apache Tribal Council's right to the land as they square off against Magistrate Judge William Finlay (Scott Brocato), who wants the land for a toxic waste dump. Lisa Belmondo (Debbie Jo Felix) is a secretary, gourmet cook, student and double love interest; and the Laredo Kid (Joshua Taulbee) is Weiss' singing, guitar-strumming, six-gun toting, cliche-spouting alter ego.

This is an ensemble cast with strong performances all around - five gold stars. I genuinely enjoyed their work as they sparkled on stage and on screen. Kudos also to Nikka Ziemer for the original music she wrote for the show, and to the creative and thoughtful crew: director Ceil Herman, scenic and light designer Peter Herman, costume designer Robert "Bobcat" Young and board operator Bekah Taulbee.

The show is wonderful and the last scene is, well, majestic.

Streaming of "The Majestic Kid" continues Fridays, Nov. 13, 20 and 27; Saturdays, Nov. 14, 21 and 28; and Sunday, Nov. 29. Each performance begins at 7 p.m., and a $10 ticket gives you access to the performance for the ensuing 24 hours.

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