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The Sisters Rosensweig

By Wendy Wasserstein, Directed by Nikka Ziemer

  • L to R: Pfeni (Kathi-Jane Alverado), Sara (Karen Warren) and Gorgeous (Yvette Crofford)
  • L to R: Gorgeous (Yvette Crofford), Tessie (Fiona McCrossin), Nick (Bob Singer) and Tom (Dustin Hadfield)
  • L to R: Merv (Tom Warren), Geoffrey (David Reyes) and Pfeni (Kathi-Jane Alverado)
  • L to R: Geoffrey (David Reyes) and Pfeni (Kathi-Jane Alverado)
  • L to R: Pfeni (Kathi-Jane Alverado) and Tessie (Fiona McCrossin)
  • L to R: Sara (Karen Warren) and Tessie (Fiona McCrossin)

Jan 20-Feb 05, 2012

FRI JAN 20,27, FEB 3| 8:00 PM
SAT JAN 21,28, FEB 4 | 8:00 PM
SUN JAN 29, FEB 5| 2:30 PM
THU FEB 2 | 7:00 PM


"The Sisters Rosensweig" is the story of three very different sisters who meet to celebrate the eldest sister's 54th birthday in London. While the details may differ amongst sisters in Western culture, the themes of the expectations of family and society as well as the contribution of race, religion, sex and culture in women's personal identities is quite universal. The play was described by the The New Yorker as "A captivating portrait of three disparate sisters reuniting after a lengthy separation and coming to terms with their differences, respect, and love for one another. The laughter is all but continuous."

Wendy Wasserstein is also the author of the Pullitzer Prize and Tony Award Winning "The Heidi Chronicles," produced by the Black Box Theatre in its opening season in 2000. That play detailed changing roles for women as Heidi's search for happiness and fulfillment proceeded from high school, through college and into her role in the workplace as a professor of art history. The three sisters in "The Sisters Rosensweig" are likewise in search of happiness. The oldest sister, Sara, is played by Karen Warren, usually seen as a musician at BBT and LCCT productions is an overachiever and the only woman to head an international Hong Kong Bank. Sara's daughter, Tess (Fiona McCrossin) is about to leave the country and head for Lithuania with her radical boyfriend, Tom (Dustin Hadfield). Merv (Tom Warren, also a musician), a faux furrier, courts and understands her. Gorgeous (Yvette Crofford), the middle sister, is a housewife who is also a flamboyant radio personality. Youngest sister, Pfeni (Kathi-Jane Alvarado) a journalist who is always traveling in search of new adventures and has a on again, off again relationship with theatre director Geoffrey, played by David Reyes. Bob Singer rounds out the cast as their British friend, Nick Pym.

Wendy Wasserstein won the William Inge Award for Distinguished Achievement in American Theatre for this play. Mel Gussow wrote in the New York Times review "Ms. Wasserstein's generous group portrait (at the Mitzi E. Newhouse Theater) is a not only a comedy but also a play of character and shared reflection as the author confronts the question of why the sisters behave as they do. The immediate answer is that they are Rosensweigs and are only doing what is expected of them. The play offers sharp truths about what can divide relatives and what can draw them together... The play is steeped in Jewish culture and humor, but the emotional subtext is broader. None of the sisters can find happiness; they have all been nurtured in a family in which heartbreak has been confused with heartburn. With effort, the women arrive at a new understanding. Bonding as siblings, they can anticipate a more promising future. "


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